Tuesday, 30 September 2008

AA2 Game Sound week 7

My aesthetic analysis of this particular genre is the need for dramaticism in the soundscape. It is a game comprising elements of war and a soundtrack or effects on par with something like the film “The Sound of Music” simply will not cut it. I would imagine a soundtrack of deep droning sounds, percussive mechanical sounds, a quick marching feel to the tempo, something with a darker edge, etc. Some sort of music that draws on the emotion of war itself and represents conflict.
The sound effects need to bring a sense of reality to the game bringing the on screen images ‘alive’. To a certain degree, they must match our own physical reality to make a player connect to it. The vehicle and creature movements can be a bit imaginative in their sounds but the explosions themselves should remain modest in imaginative sound design to give the player something sonically recognisable.

Edward: (sound designer VO)

Doug: (composer):

Sanad: (sound designer FX):

Freddie: (sound engineer Effects and Mixing - Team Leader)

Haines, Christian. 2008. “AA2 –Game Audio.” Seminars presented at the University of Adelaide.

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